“Thank you for freeing Gabriel from his fears, for laughing with him, and for teaching him he can go places he never thought possible.”
Parents of 12-year old Gabriel, Carmel

“Stacie is undoubtedly the most competent swimming instructor my daughter Mariah has ever had in her nine years.  Before taking lessons at Aquatic Harmonie Mariah had a fear of getting her eyes, ears and face wet.  She has had at least nine instructors from different swim schools (group and private), none of who had any success helping my daughter overcome her fear.  Stacie not only accomplished this but Mariah is now floating, swimming and getting her entire head and body under the water, Stacie exhibits a professional yet kind demeanor as well as being extremely patient and competent.”
Parent of 9-year old Mariah, Los Gatos

“I learned more here in 5 hours than I did in years of swim lessons elsewhere.”
Nancy, 35 years old, San Francisco

Reviews from Overcome Fear of Water Class
physical Education Department, Stanford University

“Whatever teaching method Stacie is using, it works. I feel very comfortable in the water now. I have taken other swim courses before, and although I learned some freestyle skills, I still did not feel right in the water. I hope that more teachers will consider using the method of teaching that she does.” 


“Makes me rethink how I learned how to swim.” 


“Stacie gets swimming and gets her students.  She knows exactly what your problem is when you have one.  She is aware of when to keep you practicing a certain skill, and when you're ready to move on to the next thing.” 


“The instructor has a very unique yet effective philosophy about teaching swimming to adults.  Shows a genuine interest in her students.  She was very aware of the comfort level of the class, and very effective in teaching us skills by keeping us comfortable in the water.”


“It was very useful to learn at a slow pace, because I have found that rushing to advanced strokes without being entirely comfortable and aware in the water can be counterproductive.”


“Taught me how to swim, which I previously thought was impossible.”


"I am incredibly grateful to Stacie as a teacher. I had a bad experience with swimming lessons in the past and felt uncomfortable in the water. I am amazed at how in a short time Stacie has helped me become comfortable and enjoy being in the water, and learn swimming techniques. She has not only mastered swimming technique but also how to transfer that knowledge to her students. The method she uses seems highly effective, but she is also able to work with each student according to his or her needs. In that sense, she has an impressive ability to identify students’ needs and propose exercises that support improvement and also support self learning, particularly by teaching students to self-identify their strengths and weaknesses. She is a wonderful educator in every sense of the word."


"This class is a good lesson not only of how to teach swimming but also of good teaching in general."


"Learning to swim as an adult requires a different method than teaching children. As an educator, I know that this is equivalent to teaching students with special needs or second language learners. Stacie is completely aware of that. She knows the difficulties we face and is incredibly supportive of the process. She has a special gift. I wish I had a teacher like this before. She is just amazing. Thanks for everything!"