How long will it take to learn to swim?

There is not a quick/easy answer to this question.  First, we need to define what it means to be able to swim.  At Aquatic Harmonie we define being able to swim when the student feels comfortable, safe and in control in deep water.  Every individual comes to lessons with a different set of experiences and learns at his or her own pace, so it is very difficult to determine how long it will take someone to learn how to swim.  Learning to swim is a process and that process looks different for every student.

What are the benefits of a private lesson versus a group lesson?

Some people do well in noisy, social group settings but many do not.  This is especially true for swimmers who are fearful in water.  For these individuals it is best to learn in a quiet, relaxed and controlled environment.

What is a good age to start my child in swim lessons?

There are many different (and correct) answers to this question.  This program is most effective for individuals 5 years and older (preferably the summer after they have finished kindergarten).

What should I bring to swim class?

Swim suit, towel and goggles.  Students with long hair must securely tie their hair back or wear a swim cap.  A nose clip is optional.

When will my child be “Drown-proofed”?

There is no such thing as being “Drown-Proofed”. We teach our students to love and respect the water, and that they should never swim alone.

I am an adult student, I have tried to learn to swim several times without any success.  Is it possible that I cannot learn to swim?

Everyone can learn to swim.  It is very likely that you were being taught skills that were too advanced for your level.  We start at the very beginning, which ensures that every person is able to learn.