Welcome to Aquatic Harmonie

Aquatic Harmonie

Have you had a lifelong desire to learn to swim?  Are you afraid in water?  Do you have a child who is afraid in water?  Have you attempted to learn to swim multiple times with little to no success?  Do you prefer to learn in a private environment?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions Aquatic Harmonie may be the right program for you.

Aquatic Harmonie is a seasonal swim school, located in Santa Clara, California with a strong emphasis on teaching students to overcome fear of water.  We have been teaching students from all over the Bay Area and beyond to conquer their fear of water since 2002.

If you would like further information please feel free to contact us to discuss our program.

Private Swim Lessons

We teach private swim lessons in our outdoor, heated, residential pool.

Private lessons allow us to adapt to your age, ability and personality, which assures the maximum progress possible in each lesson.

Services Offered

  • Overcome Fear of Water
  • Adult Swim Lessons
  • Youth Swim Lessons
  • Advanced Swim Skills and Technique
  • Swim Instructor Training