Stacie has been involved in various areas of aquatics for over 20 years. Most recently Stacie introduced and currently teaches the class Beginning Swimming: Overcome Fear of Water in the Physical Education Department and School of Medicine (Health Improvement Program) at Stanford University.

She has a competitive swimming background and has trained with multiple swim programs including...

  • Stanford University, Physical Education Department: Swim Instructor, all levels
  • Masters Degree Candidate - Counseling, Health Psychology emphasis, Santa Clara University
  • Miracle Swim Institute
  • Red Cross
  • YMCA
  • AustSwim (Australian Learn-to-Swim Program)
  • American Swim Coaches Association (Levels 1 and 2)
  • United States Swim School Association (Infant Swimming)

She has also conducted trainings for new swim instructors on teaching adults and dealing with fearful swimmers.  While completing a Masters Degree in Kinesiology, she conducted research on private swim schools throughout the United States and Australia.  The method used at Aquatic Harmonie is based on her experience and research.


At Aquatic Harmonie we believe students will do a skill when they are ready - developmentally, physically and emotionally.  We will guide and encourage students through the learning process but will never force, push or trick a student.  We know that the ability to learn new skills is always dependent upon the foundation that is established in the initial stages of learning.